About Y4UW

The Youth for a United World (Y4UW) is the youth movement of the Focolare Movement, founded by Chiara Lubich in 1985. We come from different cultures, religions and nationalities, but we believe in one goal: to build a united world. We strive to live the golden rule and build universal fraternity, starting from those who need it the most in society. How do we do this? We start at a local level in our own cities, by developing projects to face the problems we find around us. But we always refer to a global horizon, projected towards universality, linking the world through fragments of fraternity. This project is part of Y4UW’s #daretocare, a year-long campaign to “take responsibility” for our society and planet.

In the Philippines, the Y4UW has responded to different social needs of the times, including events like “A Night of Solidarity for Marawi” in 2017, a fundraising event, but also a night of listening, respect, and communion. The Noche Buena Project (TNBP) is another initiative of the Y4UW that started in 2009 as a call to action to help out families devastated by typhoon Ondoy by bringing the spirit of Christmas to their homes. Now on its 11th year, TNBP has reached thousands of families from all over the Philippines.

In response to this year’s global pandemic, Y4UW reaches out to communities all over the country bringing sustenance and protection to hospitals and families since March. And in recent months, the call to help teachers in public schools who have become our frontliners bringing education to their students is the latest project. Distance learning doesn’t have to be so distant for those without means to online learning! With only PhP 300.00, it will provide a basic learning kit for a student. This will contain the printed modules, an expandable envelope, pencil, sharpener, and eraser. You can find the donation details below. You can also choose to donate the school supplies as a set or provide other school supplies students and teachers can use for the upcoming school year.